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There are so many different ways to fundraise, whether is running, swimming, hopping, or fasting, you can make a difference!

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Top 5 Fundraisers
  1. Abaana Youth Team Project 2011 - £12,247.00
    Abaana Youth Team Project 2011
  2. Ruth M Chambwa - £8,850.00
    Enriched Enhanced Empowered
  3. Dot and Gwen - £3,400.56
    Dorothy and Gwen's Fundraising Page
  4. Michaela Rossi - £3,063.40
    Camino de Santiago
  5. Paul and Tania Baker - £2,960.00
    The Bakers Cycle India
 Purpose of this site

So whats the purpose of this website? On this site you will find information on projects within Africa which currently need funding. It simply shows the need and provides practical ways in which to help.




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